Exercise Programs

Everyone knows they should be exercising and many want to begin exercising. The problem is that most people don’t know how to exercise. Dr Czys created a program to solve this problem. He opened Eupraxia which will show you exactly how to exercise every day. You will learn how to stay fit, forever.

I joined Eupraxia when the facility first opened. I seen a lot of changes in my body right away. It was tough at first but once I got over the hump of soreness from being out of shape, the workouts became more fun. My favorite things about Eupraxia are the kettle bell workouts, nutritional information, wide range of times to workout and support/motivation from staff. Steve is a really great motivator. He is very knowledgable and helpful when it comes to being a healthy fit person. I have learned so much about nutrition and changed my whole life style because of Eupraxia! Trying to eat healthy has never been as fun and enjoyable as it is now. I am very excited to say I have recruited 6 others to try/join Eupraxia. I will continue to stand with Eupraxia and grow stronger. ~Megan Walters

Last year was extremely stressful so when I needed to be going gym the most, I did the opposite and quit going. After the first of the year I had to put together details for the wedding show, which is so annoying being surrounded by silly girls who get way too caught up in their wedding. Seeing them skip to booths to spend million on flowers instead of spending a little money for lifelong health shocks me. But it’s funny how this dreaded day turned positive because that’s where I met ya and then decided to join Eupraxia. My decision to join you is exactly what I needed and has honestly changed my life. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
~Jessica Himmer


I have NEVER been a fan of working out and the awkwardness of a gym environment. Call me crazy, but this place has been a God-sent! I show up and they tell us what to do for 20-40 minutes each day. 4 weeks in and I can actually feel and see muscles on my twiggy limbs! Great for the bod.. better for the soul!
~Katie Warner