I had a pretty debilitating back injury from work that I had Steve Czys and his Massage Therapist Jackie  help me through. The staff, up front are very friendly knowledgeable and really seem to care. Through a variation of application and techniques, My back injury was worked out. Their service goes beyond just your immediate issue and you can ask them anything dealing with your wellness in general. Diet, exercise, and preventative care that will help you in NOT getting another repeat injury. Amber A


I love this place. Dr. Czys is great person and really cares about you. He sits down and goes through your vitamin’s and explains what is benficial and what is not. The massage therapists are great as well. They have the perfect touch and tailor a plan that will work for you. Highly recommend everyone and Dr. Czys is flexible if you are running behind time. The massage therapist Jackie, Jenni, and Jenni fill up quickly, but sometimes you can sneak in for a quick massage. Ryan H


For years I had experienced a nagging hip pain, it wasn’t constant pain, sometimes severe other times just there, but it always seemed to manage to be present when I was in a lying position, trying to get comfortable enough to sleep. Pain pills helped, but never for long…so when I read an attractive advertisement in our local paper about Elite Chiropractic, I thought, why not try it. I thank God every day for following thru with this as six weeks later I was finished with the treatment for a nerve impingement in my lower back and have not had even a hint of pain in my hip. Needless to say, I was impressed with the back treatment, but the care and concern of my health did not stop there. During the short time of treatment, it seemed Dr Czys and I always struck up a conversation about one thing or another, fishing, traveling, the Packers and just general health. His deep concern of patients taking too many medications and the importance of preventive help was a topic that he knows well and loved to share. Shortly after my husbands death, Dr Czys contacted me, extended his sympathy and inquired about my health. After being care-giver for almost a year, I had lost 25 pounds, my sleep and eating habits were terrible…I was a mess! He suggested I start immediately on Dynamic Greens, a daily drink of 20+ servings of fruits and vegetables, directed me to a whole food vitamin and recommended Nordic Naturals fish oil tablets. I followed his instructions, as I, along with my hematologist and regular doctor realized my poor eating habits and little sleep was gradually catching up to me. Six months later, this 72 year old lady is probably in the best health she had been in for years. I can only thank Dr Czys for his concern of my well being and great suggestions of preventive health.  Peggy P


i really have never been to a place like this before, i always figured a couple days and it would go away. Jackie did an amazing job on my arm after fighting with a severe case of tennis elbow, granted its not 100 percent but without her help there was no way work would have been tolerable. i would highly recommend them to anyone that is looking for relief. Roger C