Weight Loss Program

Over the past 8 years in practice Dr Czys was hearing the same thing from patients, time and time again; They want to get healthier and lose weight but have three problems. They don’t know what exercises to do, they get intimidated in the gym, and they don’t know how to eat to help weight loss. He decided to create a fitness program that solves all of these issues!

Dr Czys has helped thousands of people who are looking to lose weight. He opened Eupraxia which specializes in nutrition and exercise training to aid people in weight loss. At Eupraxia we teach people how to eat, how to exercise, and how to live a lifestyle that helps you reach and maintain your ideal weight. Click here to read testimonials from people who have had theirs lives changed and even saved by Eupraxia. If you would like to learn about nutrition without the exercise component that is available as well. Weight loss is all about the kitchen!

I’ve been a member at different workout places and with different groups. Eupraxia is by far the best experience I’ve had! I love the workouts; the trainers are awesome; and I especially enjoy the fact that I’m working out in a group. That pushes me to work harder and I enjoy the group feeling! And I really enjoy being able to go to either the Onalaska or La Crosse location so I can’t ever use the “it’s too far to drive” excuse. And their suggested nutrition program really makes a huge difference in the results.
~Stephanie Churchill


After spending hours and a lot of money at mainstream gyms I found Eupraxia. In and out in a reasonable amount of time, intense workouts and fantastic people. College kids, stay home moms, business professionals and lots of energy!! Addicting and fun!!
~ Angela Seeger