Why Choose Us?

  • ·         Dr Czys is the only doctor in the area that is a graduate of the Whiplash and Brain Injury Traumatology program through the Spine Research Institute of San Diego. He is specially trained not only in treating your injuries but also how to make sure your bills are paid by your insurance company.


  • ·         No injury is from a lack of pain pills or muscle relaxers. This is the common treatment protocol from hospitals after the accident. These pills do not help you heal properly, they just mask symptoms. We treat you with the goal minimizing scar tissue; maintain full joint motion, restoring your body to pre-accident condition.


  • ·         We work with the insurance company to get all your bills paid plus make sure you are compensated for travel time to your appointments, missed work, pain and discomfort.


  • ·         Research has shown certain treatments are much better for patient recovery than others. We only do the treatments that are rated to have the best outcomes.